The Wild West, in pure Red Dead Redemption style


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Westerado is an action and adventure game set in the West where you play a cowboy who, after seeing his whole family murdered, embarks on a risky mission to find the killers and get his much-deserved revenge.

Along the way, the gameplay, the setting, and even the story will remind you a bit of Red Dead Redemption – the reason being that in spite of this being a browser game, we're talking about an open world adventure where you wander through entire villages, talking to loads of characters... or shooting them.

In fact, you could even enter the village and kill everyone you come across, although this normally won't yield very good results. The best thing to do is try to talk with the characters to find clues and get help.

A very interesting detail is that during any conversation you can pull out your gun and shoot the person you're talking to, putting a violent end to the conversation. You can do this with any John Doe or even the sheriff himself.

Westerado is an action and adventure game in an open world that boasts magnificent graphics and a setting that will transport you to a world where conversations can always end with a good bullet between the eyes.
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